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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal El Paso! We are a wildlife removal company servicing El Paso, TX. Choosing a company to come out and help at your property when you discover signs of wild animals around your home shouldn' t be a challenge, and we feel our reputation serving the area for nearly fifteen years speaks for itself. Our customers feel our staff are easy to deal with and offer practical advice before moving on to the cost estimates and the types of services we can offer. Our technicians are also responsive and are usually available to visit within a day, and will be able to provide a competitive written quote for the work that needs to be carried out. Removing animals from your home is something that isn' t always easy, but when there is an animal inside the living quarters of your home, then we recognize this is an emergency and can send someone quickly for this type of call. We can also remove dead animals that are on your property, as we have the equipment to handle and move animal carcasses safely. Our technicians are also trained in how to clean up animal feces and to repair the damage that wild animals can cause, which is very important to protect you and your family from the risks and diseases that can be transmitted by wild animals. Call us now at 915-206-2375 for your El Paso wildlife control needs.

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El Paso Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: What Shedded Texas Snakeskin Looks Like and Where to Find It

The El Paso snakes are known for controlling the population of pests in the farms and gardens. Their presence will usually be an indication of a healthy environment. Apart from that, the snake is also known for being a minimalist. They have ribs that will act like the creature' s limbs. They will also complete the grooming process by shedding their skin. It will not only eliminate the parasites but will also provide the animal with enough room to expand their size.

What Does Shed Snakeskin Look Like?

The Texas snake skin can appear different depending on the age, type, health, and various other factors. Usually, the El Paso shed snakeskin will be in a single piece. By the time that you will discover it, it will be dry and fragile. When they are shedding their skin, the snake will release a lymphatic fluid that will keep their skin moist making it easy to expel their old skin.

Where to Find the Shed Snakeskin

The Texas snake will not shed their skin on the place where they will spend most of their time. They will look for a rough surface. They can rub their skin against it that will make it simple to pull off the skin. During the whole process, the animal will be vulnerable. You might want to stay away from them during this time since they will be aggressive. It is highly likely for them to strike during the shedding process. Their eyes will be protected with a thick casing that will make it challenging for them to discern their attacker.

Identification of the Shed Snakeskin

When you appropriately identified the snakeskin, there are loads of information that you can gather. This can help you determine if there is a venomous creature in your yard without exposing yourself in the danger. Researchers can also use this to understand the habitat preference of the animal during their ecdysis. In case you discovered a shed snakeskin from an endangered snake species, you must ask a herpetologist to confirm your analysis.

What to Do If You Encounter a Snakeskin

Most El Paso property owners will panic upon the sight of the shed snake skin. However, as we mentioned above, the animal will not shed its skin in the area where they are frequenting. So, by the time that you discovered the skin, the animal has probably left your property. Only a small number of snakes are considered venomous. In farms, their presence is considered beneficial since they can reduce the population of pesky critters and insects that destroy the crops.

On the off chance that you discover a Texas snake in your property and you do not know how to determine if they are venomous or not, let the professional handle the removal of the snake. They have a range of tools and equipment to perform the removal process safely. They also carry the necessary permit to remove even the snakes that are protected under the federal law. Therefore, you can rest assure that everything is done within the boundary of laws.