The Hidden Dangers of Having Rats in Your El Paso Home with Your Pets

It is highly likely that you will not appreciate sharing your El Paso home with the rats. The diseases that have been associated with them such as the Bubonic plague has wiped out the 60% of the European population. Therefore, you should never allow a non-trained professional to deal with the removal of the rats. The ailments related with them have been progressively evolving and are found in various parts of the world.

Possible Threat of the Rats to Our Pets

Rats are known for being a host to a range of parasites and bacteria that can be transmitted to Texas humans and pets. You need to protect your pets by having a preventative measure that aims to drive away these pesky creatures. For instance, be sure that there will be no food scraps lying on the floor. You should be certain that all the possible access holes of the rats have been sealed. Doing so can help you avoid the dangers of the rats to our pets.


The El Paso rats are known for their strong incisors that can penetrate tough materials such as wooden beams. They have a hardness level of 5.5 which is tougher than the human teeth. While their natural response to the attack of our pets is to escape, there are instances when they will defend themselves. Understand that rats are mammals and they are possible reservoir of the rabies virus. The virus will be found in the saliva of the infected rodent that can be transmitted through its bite.

Health Risks

There are reports that the urine of the rats can trigger sensitivities. Apart from that, this can also lead to the mold and mildew growth that can caused different health issues. Leptospirosis is a condition that may also affect our pets. Once infected, they can suffer from a kidney and liver damage that will eventually lead to their death.

In the case that the El Paso rat invaded your home, you will need to treat this as a major concern. The Texas rats will wander all over your house and may leave their droppings and urine on the food stash of your pets that will contaminate it. In order to minimize the disease transmission, the help of the rat removal specialist is needed. Allowing the rats to establish their den in our house for a prolonged period may lead to the transmission of various diseases such as Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, Tick Fever, plague, Hantavirus, salmonellosis, and Rat Bite Fever.

Once you hear the strange noises that the Texas rats are making at night and the other signs that they will leave on your property such as the rub marks, droppings, and chew marks, seek the help of the well-trained rat removal agency. They have a technician that has the knowledge, equipment, and experience to ensure that the cause of the rat infestation will be averted. They should also seal all the possible entry points that will keep the animals and the risks related with them outside of our homes.

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