Curious What Those Tracks Are? How to Tell if It's a Texas Squirrel!

When the winter comes, the El Paso squirrel will start to look for a warm place and our insulated house would be the perfect candidate. Once they made it inside, our house can incur a significant damage from their infestation. They have tough incisors that can chew the wooden materials inside our house. They can tear the insulation and use it as a nesting material. In order to avoid this from happening, you might want to stay alert to the track that they will leave on snow or mud.

How Do Squirrel Track Look Like?

In case you are highly concerned about the possibility that these Texas rodents can invade your attic, you need to remain vigilant on the signs that they will leave behind. This will allow you to act during the initial phase of the infestation and minimize the damages. They may also leave their tracks on the roof and on the obscure areas of the house.

The size of their track is small. Usually it will be around 2 inches with regards to its length. While the size of their track is about the same as the rabbit, the front track of the squirrel is composed of four narrow toes that comes with a claw mark. The hind track on the other hand has the 5-toed characteristic.

Grey Squirrel

When you have a Texas grey squirrel in your house, you will also notice the drag marks from the tail of the grey squirrel. Squirrels tend to drag their long tails behind. Sometimes, their tails will touch the ground. The drag marks can also be left if the grey squirrels are rolling in the ground and trying to leave their scent to communicate with other grey squirrels. The hind feet of this squirrel will appear ahead of their front feet. Generally, the tracks will come in a set of four.

Red Squirrel

When a red El Paso squirrel is hopping on the snow, their front feet will touch the ground first. The hind feet will then pass ahead of the front feet. Nonetheless, there are numerous occasions when this will not happen. Most animals that are tree climbers will usually position their front feet alongside each other. This is different to the animals that do not climb trees since the front feet will be placed on a diagonal position.

Any sign of the Texas squirrel should be treated as a major concern since the damages that you can incur from them will not be covered by your home insurance policy. In order to prevent the squirrels from establishing their nest, using exclusion device will be an effective strategy. Managing your home repairs and periodically inspecting your house for any possible holes that the squirrels can use as an access point will be essential on avoiding wildlife-related problems. In case the squirrel is trapped inside the building, they will feel agitated and may act aggressively. They are not only destructive but can also transmit disease from their bites and their droppings. If you discover a sign of infestation, call the professionals at once and allow them to deal with this.

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