Smartest Tips to Keep Hungry Texas Raccoons Outta Your Garden!

It is wrongly thought that El Paso raccoons hibernate for winters because of the reason that they hide in the makeshift dens whilst bad cold days. Usually, they prefer heavy wooden areas alongside reliable water source, however more venturing in human made areas alongside garden for having an easy food. Following are some tips about keeping raccoons out of the garden, yard, and home.

Make the garden and Yard Unappealing

Just like small fluffy Texas vampires, they never like of conducting the business during light of daytime and prefer much to move as well as act during the shadows. Also they can' t help their bodies to leave out for food in open areas and leave the garden and yard unprotected. What you can do is to make the garden and Yard Unappealing for repelling them out.

Use a Live Trap Along with Bait

If you are tired of pushing them out, here is the best option. You can capture them using the live El Paso traps (it isn' t supported to kill any of the creature, until there exists a looming threat involved.) many times you may encounter the aggressive creature which is wild and stubborn and don' t go away through conventional means.

Be sure that you acquire the double door style while getting a trap. Texas raccoons have an ability of thinking, adopting and overcoming most of the traditional traps. You can set your trap or traps within the shady regions of your garden where they come more and with much ease. Also, while putting the trap, take care of the instructions mentioned on pack.

Following are some good baits to be used with traps:

  • Peach
  • Sweet corn
  • Any food having a coating of honey
  • Watermelon
  • Dog food or El Paso cat food
  • Meats having loads of fat
  • Marshmallows

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